Nokia 6230i unlock procedure

I’ve recently acquired a nokia 6230i cellphone but it’s locked for my provider: amena… but hey, good news, I can unlock it for free :-) The reason of this post is twofold:

  • Give thanks to 3DES for his short but informative post about that matter ;-)
  • The procedure required to unlock nokia 6230i differs from what’s advised on the web: you have to keep your SIM inserted on the phone while executing the procedure, do not remove it beforehand !

Just wanted to document that issue that kept me trying and reading recipes for a while.

18 thoughts on “Nokia 6230i unlock procedure

  1. Brainstorm is right with the SIM card. However this is valid for some Nokia 6230i only (software of the phone maybe different and provider dependent). Esp company / business phones where company has specific provider contract behave like this.

    Alex is right with the code link! Trust the russians ;-)

  2. I used the russian site ’cause the first didn’t work…..I did not put the sim card and the code worked! I’m unlocked! Thanks dude!

  3. Hi
    A have a problem unlocking a nokia 6230i, I have used the russian site above and and use the recommended GEN, Australia – Telstra Mobile Comms
    They both give me the below codes, I have tried 7 and 1 and I get error with both, I just want make sure I am doing the right thing. I got nothing with the SIMcard out so I put it in, am I supposed to use the old SIM or the new one?

    I have tried DCT4 calculator by Cyberdog & Hollowman v1.4 and it gives me


    Is anyone able to help, please? I am not gane to try another until I am sure I am doing the right thing

  4. hi all , i tried ti unlock my phone by the pw method and got it locked , what can i do now in order to unlock it ??? i bellive there is alot of people with the same problem. please help im despered !!!

  5. Found an old 6230i locked on T-mobile and went to the site. Worked a treat! I put an Orange Sim Card in, the phone said “Phone Restricted”, and I pressed “undo”, then entered code #5 (the whole line, from # to #) and hey presto, “Phone Unrestricted”!!!!

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