Nokia 6230i unlock procedure

I’ve recently acquired a nokia 6230i cellphone but it’s locked for my provider: amena… but hey, good news, I can unlock it for free :-) The reason of this post is twofold:

  • Give thanks to 3DES for his short but informative post about that matter ;-)
  • The procedure required to unlock nokia 6230i differs from what’s advised on the web: you have to keep your SIM inserted on the phone while executing the procedure, do not remove it beforehand !

Just wanted to document that issue that kept me trying and reading recipes for a while.

  • liz

    Interesting…..although you will find that your link you have mentioned does not even offer the option for a Nokia 6230i??

  • brainstorm

    You can use 6230 (without “i”), it worked the same for me ;)

  • alex

    this website has the codes for 6230i and worked for me (the code for 6230 from didnt work):


  • Hotzenplotz

    Brainstorm is right with the SIM card. However this is valid for some Nokia 6230i only (software of the phone maybe different and provider dependent). Esp company / business phones where company has specific provider contract behave like this.

    Alex is right with the code link! Trust the russians ;-)

  • bernado

    worked like a charm (i did not remove my simcard)
    love that! :)

  • Hugo

    I used the russian site ’cause the first didn’t work…..I did not put the sim card and the code worked! I’m unlocked! Thanks dude!

  • Ian

    Yup – go with the link in the first post, but leave your sim-card in. Works like a charm.
    Thanks so much!

  • sho

    thx a lot, it worked fine!

  • Berger

    A have a problem unlocking a nokia 6230i, I have used the russian site above and and use the recommended GEN, Australia – Telstra Mobile Comms
    They both give me the below codes, I have tried 7 and 1 and I get error with both, I just want make sure I am doing the right thing. I got nothing with the SIMcard out so I put it in, am I supposed to use the old SIM or the new one?

    I have tried DCT4 calculator by Cyberdog & Hollowman v1.4 and it gives me


    Is anyone able to help, please? I am not gane to try another until I am sure I am doing the right thing

  • Scampy

    Got a Nokia 6230i on Orange used the link – unlock it for free and hey presto worked like a dream. Thanks.

  • Jasons

    Please help i for got my master code
    Nokia 6230i and ime # 359740005633001

  • Liam

    Thanks, the Russian site worked for me first time using code number 7.

  • ice man

    hi all , i tried ti unlock my phone by the pw method and got it locked , what can i do now in order to unlock it ??? i bellive there is alot of people with the same problem. please help im despered !!!

  • Lonestar

    Found an old 6230i locked on T-mobile and went to the site. Worked a treat! I put an Orange Sim Card in, the phone said “Phone Restricted”, and I pressed “undo”, then entered code #5 (the whole line, from # to #) and hey presto, “Phone Unrestricted”!!!!

  • tourmz

    Worked for me many thanks

  • banjo

    worked for me! many thanks much apperciated

  • Jake

    I reccomend the website that other guy suggested,
    Worked on the second code for me, and easier to understand, if your browser can translate from russian!

  • omer