India: GPRS mini-howto

Roman Valls Guimerà bio photo By Roman Valls Guimerà Comment

If you ever happen to need GPRS “MoBoffice” data connection in India with, keep in mind that after activating your pre-paid SIM-card you should:

  1. Send an SMS message to 170 with text PLIVE
  2. Dial *148# (toll free).
  3. You will be presented a menu with 2 options: select 1, to activate Airtel Moboffice.
  4. After 1 hour you’ll receive nearly 6 SMS’s with details on howto configure your mobile.
  5. If you use a nokia770, make sure that the GPRS access point is and *not* Nokia 770 hacker edition has this outdated info by default and will not work out of the box :/ website is hugely undocumented on this aspect, I discovered this details (tricks?) by sending an email to support: :S

And btw, the tariff at the moment is 30 paisa for each 50KB you use… 100 paisa is 1 rupee, so to check your email and post a text entry on your blog costs you about 1 to 2 rupees… really cheap indeed !

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