Burkina reloaded (with photos) !

I just wanted to thank all the people involved in this project and all the readers, friends, comments and support received during my stay in Burkina Faso: Thanks to all ! :)

As I promised to many of you, I just edited the posts adding the highly requested photos of this wonderful experience: you can click on any of them, and you’ll be transferred to the whole album. From there you can see all the 525 photos in a row: enjoy ! Please, be patient with my modest home server and bandwidth while checking the images :-S

Last but not least, I want to thank the people who wrote Gallery2 and the astounding associated WordPress plugin: WPG2, thank you coders !

EDIT: WPG2 updates were such as mess that I migrated my entire photo collection to Flickr, sorry for the mass update on your feeds, ppl !