Sun Microsystems Campus Ambassador

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As the title states, I’ve been recently elected as a campus ambassador for my university. When I talk about my newly acquired job, people keep asking: Woah, nice… hummm, but what does it mean after all ? Here are my main responsabilities on this cool project:

  • Lead the Sun developer community on your campus by starting a Sun Open Source User Group
  • Run Sun Technology demo sessions as part of your user group meetings
  • Help support Sun events and contests
  • Evangelize Sun development tools to students, professors and researchers

So I’ll be posting here (or my own blog) my experiences on this new opportunity on my life as a computer enthusiast :) There are a lot of new and amazing Open Source Sun initiatives to discover and explore, I’ll try to keep you all readers entertained with my findings !

In fact, jmmv has already greeted my on his blog in advance about a topic related to DTrace, thanks Julipedia ;)

Thanks also to my favourite sysadmins for my new DTrace privileges needed to conduct my first tech talk :)

UPDATE: Here’s my new Sun blog: