Swedish vs Spanish digital certificate hacks

In one single day I had to deal with two nasty tricks to get the following e-administration to work properly:

  1. My swedish e-legitimation BankID software token.
  2. My spanish digital certificate renewal request.

The first one failed to authenticate (silently!) because the (propietary) software, BankID, refused to work properly on 64-bit Ubuntu. Adding a wrapper solved the issue:

<br /> sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper<br /> sudo nspluginwrapper -i /usr/local/lib/personal/libplugins.so<br />

On the other hand, the spanish counterpart, complained like this:

"Su certificado no ha permitido generar una firma vĂ¡lida"

Pasting the error on google sufficed to find the solution as well.

Now I wonder how our mums can cope with these big user annoyances :-S

Hopefully not everything is a lost cause here… openness and common sense in security seem to start making their way on Spain regarding DNIe: PKCS11 sources have been recently released !.