Latest OpenNebula on Ubuntu Natty (while running Maverick)

So you cannot wait for a few days when the new ubuntu release comes out with updated opennebula packages, but you need them right now. What are the options ?

  1. As the seasoned UNIX guy you are, you go with the good old tar xvfz & compile it yourself, wasting time both by managing its intrinsic dependencies, build dependencies and whatnot: #FAIL
  2. You get more intrepid and try to perform some black magic with apt-pinning, risking your system’s integrity if you don’t do it properly (thanks @alexmuntada!): #FAIL
  3. You realize that you want manageable distribution packages as opposed to unmantainable and hard to share hacks and go for the [recommended alternative to apt-pinning]5: #WIN

Now, the #BIGWIN would have been giving back to the community by building my own package and contributing it via PPA or whatever packaging system you use, but that good practice will come eventually :)

[5]: alternative to pinning